Integration of Smart Wi-Fi® with the bank’s electronic queue system

As part of the implementation of this case, integration was carried out with the store’s chatbot in Viber, with the loyalty system


  • When entering a branch of the Bank, a client received a push notification to the chat bot with a personal greeting and a question about the purpose of the visit.
  • When choosing an answer option (the options were provided by the SUEO — an analogue of the menu in the terminal), the client was assigned a queue number and the place of service and the waiting time were reported.
  • If the client had a preliminary appointment in this department, then at the time of his arrival, Smart Wi-Fi® updated it and sent the place of service and the waiting time of the specialist by a message to the chatbot.

This approach to organizing an electronic queue has reduced to zero the waiting time for a specialist with clients with a preliminary appointment

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