Smart cities

Smart Wi-Fi® offers new tools for building a dialogue with residents on a place-time-receiver basis

An Urban Wi-Fi network is a basic wireless infrastructure within the framework of the "Smart City" concept. It provides residents with free internet access

Wi-Fi can be used to communicate with any resident

Smart Wi-Fi® will help link the customer’s profile and their device data to identify when they connect to Wi-Fi. Then you can send the customer personal requests through the chat bot or the city’s mobile application, taking into account where he is and what is relevant for him "here and now".

Advantages of implementation

a) fostering communication between city residents
b) quicker feedback from residents,
c) announcements of city events and activities.
a) a source of information for planning an urban environment,
b) identification of local problems based on information from citizens,
c) an additional tool for "measuring" the effectiveness of city festivals and events.
Support for urban initiatives — information support for large-scale urban projects.
a) a channel for promptly informing people about emergencies,
b) a tool for assessing the number of people in an emergency area,
c) rescue search party organization (children, elderly people, animals).
Make your Cities Smart with Smart Wi-Fi® Technology

You choose the channels of communication with residents

  • City mobile app

    The advantage of using the application is the wide functionality for the implementation of various services.
  • City chat bot

    The advantage of using chatbots is the popularization of instant messengers and social networks. No installation is needed to use the bot.

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