Authorization platform

Providing Wi-Fi is part of the Smart Wi-Fi® solution

Flexible system for setting up the provision of Wi-Fi:

  • Segmentation of visitors
    The ability to provide this service only to visitors registered in the loyalty system.
  • Tuning by Internet speed
    The ability to limit the speed of Internet provision for all users of the Wi-Fi network, with the exception of members of the loyalty program.
  • Setting by the time of the Internet
    An Internet session can be provided for n-minutes. To renew it, you can ask the user to take a survey or purchase something.
  • Internet "at home"
    All visitors registered in the loyalty system can be provided with access to Wi-Fi without authorization in the network.

Wi-Fi authorization is carried out in accordance with the current legislation

Each time they connect to Wi-Fi, Smart Wi-Fi® prompts visitors to install your app or subscribe to a chatbot so that they can access the Internet without authorization in the future.

Wi-Fi will be the promoter of your mobile application or chatbot

Smart Wi-Fi® can send you the following data when you authorize customers:

phone number,
smartphone MAC address,
id of the mobile application
or chat bot,
the location where the authorization takes place.

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