The Smart Wi-Fi® system generates your visitors' presence triggers right in your venue. After that, it sends out personal offers via an app or chatbot

What We Provide:

  • Identifying visitors in real time
    You recognize your client as soon as they enter your company’s site and can immediately send him a personalized offer.
  • Promoting your mobile app or chatbot
    The system will automatically suggest installing your mobile app or signing up for your chatbot to anyone accessing your Wi-Fi.
  • Loyalty programs participation and membership increase

    A special setting will allow Wi-Fi access only to those customers who register for your loyalty program.

  • Average check amount will increase
    Your loyalty program combined with Smart Wi-Fi® can increase the average check amount by up to 30%. Offers are delivered to your customers at the best possible time.

Build an effective loyalty program and decrease the risk of human error during its implementation. Smart Wi-Fi® will greet every registered customer and deliver their personalized offer — never taking a day off or needing a lunch break

A Customer’s First Visit

Logs in to your business' Wi-Fi.
Your CRM system receives data for further customer identification.
The next time this customer arrives, Smart Wi-Fi will recognize him/her, prompting your CRM system to generate a personalized offer.
The offer is then sent to your company’s mobile app.
To register in the system, the customer must give his/her consent in the app or the chatbot. This only needs to be done once. After initial registration, you’ll be able to meet him the second he enters, while simultaneously sending him a personalized message.

One-click Registration

How to Start Using Smart Wi-Fi®
You must have a mobile app
or a chabot.
You must integrate your CRM System with Smart Wi-Fi® communication channels.
You must then install Smart Wi-Fi® software on your establishment’s Wi-Fi network.

If you do not yet have your own mobile app or chatbot, our partners will be happy to help you begin developing one!

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