Gas Stations

Smart Wi-Fi® will increase both the revenue made from the sale of non-fuel items and the average check

Today, a gas station employee is most likely to communicate with a client as the latter renders payment for fuel

Smart Wi-Fi® can increase how effective that communication can be!

Are your clients driving by your gas station?
Invite them to pay you a visit!

You’ll be able to see a customer pull into your gas station and send him a personal discount offer.

What else can Smart Wi-Fi® do?

To register in the system, the customer must give his/her consent in the app or the chatbot. This only needs to be done once. After initial registration, you’ll be able to greet them the second they enter, while simultaneously sending them a personalized message

One-click Registration

With Smart Wi-Fi® you also get

A new channel for product promotion among loyal customers (discounts, marketing strategies).
Targeted incentives for impulse buys and related sales.
How to Start Using Smart Wi-Fi®
You must have a mobile app
or a chabot.
You must integrate your CRM System with Smart Wi-Fi® communication channels.
You must then install Smart Wi-Fi® software on your establishment’s Wi-Fi network.

If you do not yet have your own mobile app or chatbot, our partners will be happy to help you begin developing one!

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