Smart Wi-Fi® — is a tool for gathering visitor statistics, communicating with the players and navigating inside a casino

Smart Wi-Fi® brings new possibilities

  • Now a casino will recognize all of its customers the minute they step through the door.
  • You will be able to collect stats as to how often and for how long each customer visits you.
  • The casino will be able to talk to clients via chatbot or their mobile app while the clients are inside the establishment.

Build timely and personal communication with those who are visiting your casino at this very moment!

What can Smart Wi-Fi® do for a casino

Control casino pit visitor flow.
Invite players to areas and zones you’d like them to go to.
Collect visitor statistical data.
Share your news and announce your upcoming events.

New ways of communicating with loyal customers

Smart Wi-Fi® — is your casino’s one stop online and digital PR shop. Smart Wi-Fi will suggest downloading your casino’s mobile app or signing up for your chatbot to any new customer signing on to your Wi-Fi network

Your customer needs to only give consent once - when registering using your mobile app or chatbot. They can do this while playing at your casino, or from home/work or even out walking the dog. Once consent is given:


Smart Wi-Fi® will recognize the customer
every time he enters the casino,
and inform you of his visit.


You will be able to send

greeting messages with personal

offers to registered customers.

How to Start Using Smart Wi-Fi®
You must have a mobile app
or a chabot.
You must integrate your CRM System with Smart Wi-Fi® communication channels.
You must then install Smart Wi-Fi® software on your establishment’s Wi-Fi network.

If you do not yet have your own mobile app or chatbot, our partners will be happy to help you begin developing one!

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