To popularize the technology, a Freemium license was issued to use the Beacon-Connect identification beacons

Beacon-Connect is a free technology that allows you to create beacons for mobile applications, chat bots and various microservices using inexpensive equipment in the form of conventional Wi-Fi routers, microcomputers and their components

Freemuim license is suitable for those who:

  • wants to independently integrate with a mobile application or chat bot,
  • ready to use a single Wi-Fi network name for all Beacon-Connect customers,
  • ready to independently draw up concepts for the use of technology and implement them,
  • wants to test the technology before purchasing a commercial license.
Blog articles from the Beacon-Connect website:
Beacon-connect. About technology
A technology that brings together online and offline smart wireless networks in the unlicensed spectrum such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IoT standards.
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Chatbot radar
Chatbots as a Microservice for Online to Offline Marketing. Teach your chatbot to earn more with new features with
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Application cases
Chatbots as a Microservice for Online to Offline Marketing. We will tell you on the example of several projects how it works in practice.
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