Smart Wi-Fi® — a tool to increase client loyalty and brand awareness.

Identify your customers as they walk into a branch and communicate with them on a personal level.

Online banking is offering more and more options that improve communication and make banking online easier. Chatbots are being used more and more frequently

Smart Wi-Fi® helps bring the Bank’s relationship with those customers who use their mobile application to a new level:

  • Smart Wi-Fi® helps you unleash the full potential of your mobile banking app and chatbot.
  • Smart Wi-Fi® can become an automatic lead generation funnel for all app customers.
  • The modernized CRM system will be able to work with the entire loyal brand audience, automatically increasing its number on an ongoing basis.

Your customer needs to only give consent once — when registering using your mobile app or chatbot. They can do this while visiting your bank, or from home/work or even out walking the dog. Once consent is given —


Smart Wi-Fi® will recognize the customer
every time he enters the bank,
and inform you of his visit.

You will be able to send greeting
messages with personal offers
to registered customers.

Improving service quality

Smart Wi-Fi® will reduce the waiting time in the Bank’s electronic line by more than 30%
The client makes a preliminary appointment through the Bank’s app.
The client comes to a branch office. Smart Wi-Fi® identifies the client and confirms the appointment ticket.
Smart Wi-Fi® informs the banking specialist of the client’s arrival at the branch.
Smart Wi-Fi® sends the customer the bank window number.
If the client has not made a preliminary appointment, Smart Wi-Fi® will offer to add the client to the waiting list via the Bank’s mobile app or chatbot.

If a visitor does not have the Bank’s mobile app installed or is not subscribed to the chatbot, he will be prompted to do so each time he connects to Bank’s Wi-Fi.

Using Smart Wi-Fi® for affiliate and co-branding programs

Communicate with customers effectively
at the right time and in the right place.
Send discounts and offers
to important clients.
Build customer
How to Start Using Smart Wi-Fi®
You must have a mobile app
or a chabot.
You must integrate your CRM System with Smart Wi-Fi® communication channels.
You must then install Smart Wi-Fi® software on your establishment’s Wi-Fi network.

If you do not yet have your own mobile app or chatbot, our partners will be happy to help you begin developing one!

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